Fitness & Activity Floors

B&C Systems International suggest the following products/systems for the Hospitality and Accommodation markets:

AcoustiFlor is a specialised internal acoustic flooring system. It has been designed and developed to achieve high value acoustic performance in multi-level residential and commercial buildings.

AcoustiFlor is used to achieve high value acoustic demands that exceed building code requirements and help create a quiet environment for your building, workplace or family home. AcoustiFlor reduces noise and sound transmission between floors and it can be installed over new or existing floors as an overlay flooring system. AcoustiFlor is exclusively designed for each application and specified by leading architects and designers to comply with regulations and exceed customer expectations.

ErgoFlor is an ergonomic flooring system for internal use particularly in high foot traffic areas such as activity floors, fitness centres, residential and commercial buildings. Commonly used as an overlay floor system in existing buildings where the floor is unsuitable or uneven, ErgoFlor will create a new floor surface where access to services in the future is a requirement and speed of installation is important. 

AT5, AT6, AT12 are non-trafficable acoustic underlay tiles supplies as 1m x 500mm units layed on concrete, timber and membrane surfaces to create an acoustic layer between the concrete or timber floor and the final flooring surface. These products are predominantly used for internal applications. The tiles are simple to install and are available in 5mm, 6mm and 12mm thicknesses depending on your requirements.


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Fitness & Activity Floors

Fitness & Activity Floors


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